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Inactive Accounts

UPDATED: 5/17/23

Learn more about what having an inactive SES account means and how to reactivate your SES account.

Why has my SES account been inactivated?

Our policy for SES accounts requires you or your associated users to make at least one purchase per 18 months, online or in-store.

Following 18 months of inactivity, your SES account and associated customer portal accounts will be inactivated.

What happens to my customer portal account?

If your SES account is inactivated, all of your company’s associated customer portal accounts will also be inactivated.

You’ll still be able to log in, view and pay invoices, and browse our product catalog. You won’t be able to see pricing or inventory levels.

Can I still place orders?

Yes. Call your local branch to find out more about pricing and inventory levels, and place orders through them.

You won’t be able to place online orders.

How do I reactivate my SES account?

Send an email to and request reactivation. Include your SES account number and current contact information in the email.

You’ll complete our application process again and may receive new terms. From there, we’ll reactivate your SES account and customer portal account (and all associated accounts) and send notification emails.

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