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Pay Multiple Invoices at Once

UPDATED: 5/10/2023
Learn how to pay multiple invoices at once.

You’ll need the invoice numbers for all the invoices you want to pay.
NOTE: You must select a One-Time payment to pay multiple invoices at once.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the total dollar amount of the multiple invoices you want to pay.

  3. Enter invoice numbers, separated by commas.

    Screenshot of PayTrace gateway page, with total amount, type of payment, and invoice numbers indicated.
  4. Click Continue to Billing.

  5. Select your payment method. Then, enter payment details.

  6. Under Special Instructions, list each invoice number with the specific dollar amount you’d like to pay. The sum of these dollar amounts should be the same as the total dollar amount you entered.

    Close-up screenshot of Special Instructions textbox with invoice numbers and specific dollar amounts to be paid into each indicated.
  7. Enter your SES account details.

  8. Click Continue to Review.

  9. Review your payment and click “I agree to terms and conditions.

  10. Click Submit.

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