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View Order Status

UPDATED: 5/2/23

Learn what each order status means.


What It Means


Your order has been received and entered into our system.


Our warehouse associates are putting your order together.


Your order has been completed and items are confirmed for your order.


Your order has been shipped or received by you. At this point, we issue an invoice for your order.

Document on Hold

Your order may be under a credit or service hold. A credit hold means your order may have exceeded your credit limit. A service hold means an accounts receivable specialist may be reviewing your order. Your local branch salesperson will reach out for next steps.

Where can I find my order status?

Screenshot of Open Orders page with Order Status indicated.

Go to your Open Orders. Order statuses are listed under the Status column.

Why is my order stuck in processing?

Your order may be stuck in processing because you have items on your order that are out of stock due to supply chain issues or on backorder.

If your order doesn’t contain any out-of-stock items, we may be awaiting payment before we can process the order.

My order is lost.
Can I use my own shipping provider or freight carrier?

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