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Shipping Options

UPDATED: 5/2/23

Learn more about our shipping options.

What are my shipping options?

Your shipping options are unique to you and are determined by our accounts receivable department based on the criteria when you applied to be an SES customer.

When you proceed to checkout online, you’ll see your shipping options under the Ship Via dropdown on the Shipping page.

If you’re picking up an order, check out our Counter Pickup and Ready Room options.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all fifty states and US territories.

Can I use my own shipping provider or freight carrier?

Yes. Let your local branch salesperson know you’d like to add your own shipping provider or freight carrier to your account. From there, you can checkout using your preferred shipping method.

Does my order ship on the same day I placed it?

It depends. Our shipping cutoff time is 3:30 PM local time. Any orders placed after that time will be shipped the following business day.

If you use a courier, our shipping cutoff time is 12:00 PM local time.

Why is the cost of shipping and taxes the same on my order?

Shipping and taxes on the confirmation page are estimates. The final invoice contains the final calculated sales tax and shipping costs, in addition to state and local taxes. Your final shipping cost may vary from the estimation depending on package weight, box size, DOT codes, etc.

My order is lost.

Notify your local branch salesperson. We’ll perform a search for the lost package and may initiate an insurance claim with your freight carrier. Your salesperson may reach out to you for updates.

I placed an order to the wrong branch.

If your order hasn’t shipped, contact your local branch salesperson immediately. Have your customer number and order invoice ready for reference.

If your order has shipped, contact your local branch salesperson. They may issue a UPS call tag and a return service request form for you to fill out. You may pay some freight costs for the transfer, which vary on a case-by-case basis. To track the status of your order, call your local branch or use UPS Quantum View.

How do I track an order?

Counter Pickup (CPU)

Ready Room (RR)

View Order Status

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