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Company Admin Quick Start Guide

UPDATED: 4/30/23

Download the guide here.

Customer Portal Overview

Our online customer portal account is our all-in-one solution for your business needs. Browse our extensive catalog, see pricing and real-time stock, and place and manage orders.

Pay invoices, manage company users, create requisition lists, and update your address book anytime and anywhere.

Screenshot of My Account dashboard.


As a company admin, you must set up your account before adding company users

  1. Go to

  2. Fill out and submit the form.

  3. You’ll receive an email to verify and set up a password for your account.
    NOTE: You won’t be able to log in until you receive an email stating “Your company account is active.”

  4. Click the verification link in the email.

  5. Set your password.

Logging In

Even if you have an existing SES account, you won’t be able to login with your credentials from our old ecommerce website. You must register for a customer portal account.

  1. Go to

  2. In the header, click Log In.
    Mobile users: Tap the account icon.

  3. Enter your username and password.

  4. Click Log In.

Screenshot of SES login page.

Resetting Your Password

  1. Click Forgot Password on the login page.

  2. Enter the email associated with your account.

  3. Click Reset My Password.

  4. You’ll receive an email to reset your password from SES Customer Support.

  5. Follow the instructions in the email to set a new password.

  6. You’ll receive an email confirmation after you’ve changed and confirmed your password.

Managing Company Users

Only company admins can manage users.
Deleting users is permanent and can’t be undone.
Inactivating users temporarily locks the account.

Screenshot of Add New User pop-up.
  1. Go to your Account Dashboard.

  2. In the sidebar, go to Company Users.

  3. To see your active users and inactive users: Toggle between Show All Users and Show Inactive Users.

  4. To add users:

    1. Click Add New User.

    2. Enter the new user’s information.

    3. Click Save.

  5. The new user will receive an email from SES to set up their account.

  6. To delete or deactivate users:

    1. In the list, select Delete for the appropriate user.

    2. Select Delete or Set Inactive.

Searching for Products

Search by product categories and subcategories:

  • Hover over Shop Products to drill down by categories and subcategories.

Screenshot of Shop Products categories and subcategories.
  • To narrow down your search on a product listing page, use the sidebar to filter by subcategories
    and product attributes.

Screenshot of product listing page with Type attributes and Categories indicated on the left-hand side.

Search by brand:

  • Hover over Brands to select a brand from the dropdown list. To see all brands, click All Brands.

  • On the Brands page, you can:

    • Search for a brand.

    • Browse the list alphabetically by selecting a letter.

    • Select categories to narrow down your search.

Screenshot of Brands page.

Search by item keywords or numbers

  • If you’re uncertain of the exact brand and model of the product you’re searching for, entering an item keyword can help you browse relevant products.

  • If you’re searching for a specific item, enter the item number.

    • Immediate search results will show relevant products, categories, and product suggestions, and recent and popular searches.

Screenshot of search bar dropdown and results.

Placing Quick Orders

  1. When logged in, click Quick Order in the header.

    Screenshot of Quick Order indicated in the header navigation.
  2. There are three ways to enter your order. Choose the method that best suits your needs.

    1. Enter SKUs (item number or “SES numbers”) and their quantities.

    2. Entering multiple items at once: Enter SKUs (separated by commas or paragraph) into the textbox on the right.

    3. Uploading SKUs by CSV file: Choose and upload a CSV file containing SKUs and quantities.

  3. Click Add to Cart.

Screenshot of Quick Order page, with methods of adding items indicated (by SKU, Multiple SKUs, and CSV file upload).

Requisition Lists

Adding Items to Requisition Lists from Product Pages

  1. On product pages, click Add to Requisition List.

  2. Add the item to an existing list or click Create New List.

Screenshot of 6820EVS Max 110 Point Combo Addressable Fire Alarm Control with Add to Requisition List indicated.

Adding Items to Requisition Lists from Your Cart

  1. Click your cart. Then, click View & Edit Cart.  

  2. Click Add Shopping Cart to Requisition List.

  3. Select an existing list or click Create New List.

Screenshot of Russound Outdoor Landscape Speaker in Your Cart preview with Add Shopping Cart to Requisition List indicated.

Viewing Your Requisition Lists

  1. When logged in, click your account button.

  2. In the dropdown, select My Requisition List.

  3. Click View on the list you want to see.

Screenshot of My Requisition List module page with View icon indicated.

Tracking Orders

  1. When logged in, click your account button.

  2. In the dropdown, select Invoice History.

  3. Click on any blue Track Order link.

Screenshot of Invoice History with linked blue Track Order indicated.

Printing Invoices

  1. When logged in, click your account button.

  2. In the dropdown, select Invoice History.

  3. There are two ways to print invoices:

    1. Click Print on the appropriate invoice in the list view.

    2. Select an invoice and then click Print on the details page.

  4. On the invoice details page, click Print.

Screenshot of individual invoice with Print icon indicated.

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